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The Sunny Boys — OneTwoThreeFourLIVE!!!
Release date : Jul. 28, 2015
Label : The Sunny Boys
  1. Some Nights / I Gotta Feelin' / We Are Young (Live)
  2. Barbara Ann / Happy Days (Live)
  3. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) / First Date (Live)
  4. The Kids Aren't Alright / Fat Lip (Live)
  5. Come Mai (Live)
  6. Surfin' U.S.A. (Live)
  7. Blitzkrieg Bop / American Idiot / The Rock Show (Live)
  8. Barbie Girl / Cotton Eye Joe (Live)
  9. Why Don't You Get an Obladì Obladà? (Live)
  10. What's My Age Again / All the Small Things (Live)
  11. Basket Case (Live)

OneTwoThreeFourLIVE!!! (2015)

The Sunny Boys are back with a live cd that represent their incredible energy and creativity on stage that make them one of the most famous PopPunk live acts in Italy. Every hit from the 60s to 2015 can be a Poppunk hit if you want it! Check it out!
All songs arranged and produced by Giuka & Fab
Recorded and Mixed by Gabriele Massa
Barcode: 889211558681
Format: CD, Mp3
Released: 2015
Copyright: The Sunny Boys