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The Band (English)

Have you ever thought how would it be if every past or contemporary hit would be played by blink-182 or by Green Day?
Try thinking about The Beach Boys or The Ramones, about the Californian Punk Rock and about all of the worldwide hits you danced to on holiday on a sunny beach or in your favourite club. Done? Ok now add some powerful vocal harmonies, Dickies shorts, skate shoes and an American College humour, and that’s the formula that made The Sunny Boys a unique band in Italy, different from any other band you’ve ever seen and heard of.
Forget about those old boring copycat cover bands; the exact moment you will be listening to some unforgettable hits heavily transformed by The Sunny Boys, you’ll find yourself dancing and singing to songs you probably didn’t even like before.
A powerful, breathtaking and crazy show, played 100% LIVE, no pre-recorded tracks, no sequencies: everything is performed proudly and impudently LIVE.
Almost 90 shows per year all over Italy and Europe, the best venues and summer parties, The Sunny Boys are the most requested punk rock band in Italy and Switzerland.