The Sunny Boys were born in 2003 as the Italian Beach Boys Tribute Band, and started producing their own material in 2008. The Beach Boys made the whole world dream with their unforgettable hits like Surfin’USA, California Girls and Good Vibrations. The “Sunnies”, as the fans love to call them, are consantly in tour between Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Finland and Switzerland, and after more than 300 concerts they keep on revisiting the Beach Boys harmonies also in their Surf/Rock original songs. In June 2007 they published “Back To The Beach“, a live album with 20 Beach Boys songs. On July 4th 2008 they published their second album with 10 original songs called “Beach Sounds“. In February 2009 they participated to the “Festival di Sanremo“, the most important music tv festival in Italy with their single “Respirando il mare”. In 2010 they came out with their latest single “Aria di Vacanza“. In 2011 they are touring Italy, Finland and Spain, and they are working on a new album of original songs.


The Sunny Boys were born in 2003 as the Italian Tribute Band of the fabulous Beach Boys. Since 2008 they started producing and performing live their original material.

They started their surfin’ safari at the end of 2003 when the long time hardcore fan Giuka finally got the opportunity to form a BB tribute band. He’s probably one of the most expert fans in Italy, he’s got everything (and when we say everything we mean everything) published about the Beach Boys. He’s been following them since the early 90s, when he was 14, and discovered on a shelf in a record store a cheap compilation of the fab 5.

“I’ve been following the Beach Boys since i was a kid, musically they mean everything to me, they’re absolute perfection in terms of vocal blend, production techniques and spirit. I’ve always loved the way Brian was able to express that happiness and that melancholy at the same time, I’ve always identified myself with him, feeling his fears, having the same expectations from music he had when he was a kid, and completely understanding his naiveness and childlike behavior”(Giuka)

During his childhood Fabio , Gianluca’s younger brother, listened often passively to the Beach Boys’ music that was always on the home stereo. So he started learning all the songs and played them along with his brother. They listened and played together also “heavier” music, such as AC/DC’s, one of Gianluca’s all time favourite bands, but they always played several instruments in separate bands. They both took piano lessons, and in 1992 Gianluca shortly formed a band, the Durendal, in which he played the drums and singed backing vocals. After almost 4 years he felt that his drumming experience was over, cause he wanted to be the front-man, no longer behind the drums. After leaving The Durendal he started writing many songs, inspired by a purely melodic pop and obviously by Brian Wilson.

” After hearing the TODAY album I felt so strange…well let’s say I was so envious that Brian,  my age when recording that album, was able to write and produce those songs….that album made me cry, it had such beautiful ballads, brilliant chord changes and heavenly harmonies…so I said well even if I’ll never have Brian’s genius let’s try to learn everything I can from his music, mostly because it makes me feel so special…”

Then he discovered Pet Sounds, Smile, and all the rest of the BB albums, listening, writing and overdubbing his voice to recreate those harmonies. At the same times he started recording some ballads in studio, making some local TV appearances and participating with good success to some singing contests. But he started missing a band again…

From 1996 to early 2003 he wrote, played and produced his own songs, playing occasionally electric guitar in short living groups, and producing in studio some singles for young bands in Turin. In 2003, after graduating from university, he came full time “back in business” in music becoming the lead singer of Supersonic, an Oasis tribute band that reached a quite good success among Oasis fans in the north of Italy for a year and a half.
Meanwhile Fabio, who  lived his childhood completely into music, being 4 years younger than his bro, played drums and then guitar in the same band for almost 7 years, The Wheels, a heavy rock band. But he wanted to play more live dates, so he started considering the project of his older brother, also given the fact that Gianluca, having played many dates in several pubs with Supersonic, had many contacts, and could easily plan some gigs.

The Sunny Boys’ formula started working, the rehearsals showed that there was a really good potential in the band. Due to the continuous search of better musical quality, the band underwent several line-up changes except for Giuka and Fabio. Bonnie and The Kid were chosen as the new drummer and the new rhythm guitarist in 2011.

The guys, after more than 300 shows in the past 7 years, present a setlist of about 40 songs with every Beach Boys’ hit, along with their original tunes, surfboards on stage and their classic coloured polos.

Experience the endless summer with the music of The Sunny Boys!!